AMA Notes 02.23.2022

Universe.XYZ AMA

Tyler is sitting next to Mark on his couch, which is nice.

Minting, Auction, and Marketplace:
• Postponing auctions to prioritize the marketplace
• March 5th is the targeted launch date right now
• A lot of focus on back-end improvements and front-end integration
• The next step is to move to testing later this week

George and the Limechain team are helping to manage the launch here to ensure that they hit the launch deadlines that have been set.

Expect some features to be pulled out for the initial launch, but then features will be worked back in over the coming weeks. The original plan was to roll out minting, marketplace, and auctions all at once, but auctions will have to wait for now in the interest of getting the marketplace live. Search functions / filtering features within collections are another example of a feature that will roll out after the “beta” product rolls out.

A lot of the features that will be coming are nearly completed, so they should roll out in fairly short order.

Polymorphs battle game won’t be launched until after the marketplace. 3D polymorphs and deviants will also launch after the marketplace.

The focus has been on building the flagship product—the best decentralized marketplace the industry has seen yet. The community has been vocal about wanting this most.

Q: Is there a risk associated with rolling out an incomplete product?
A: The product shouldn’t be viewed as “incomplete”. Nothing on the market is complete now. The team will always be striving to improve the product. This is absolutely not a B-squad product.

Q: Where can the community go to make suggestions after the marketplace is launched?
A: The governance forum is one place. But to make actual feature requests, the best way to work through the support desk. There will be a separate discord server that will enable support tickets. This will allow the developers the best opportunity to access the information in one place.

Q: Any plans or talks regarding listings on exchanges? What will happen after 50mn DAO rewards are done? Perhaps incentivize community engagement by increasing DAO rewards?
A: Check out the forum for posts on this. The key here is that the DAO will have control over these issues. The team is also not going to create new liquidity pools.

Q: Are you guys leveraging relationships with VCs right now?
A: The short answer is yes. There is a lot of alignment with other products, too, like Flufs. There has been a lot of contact with VCs. But the project is well funded so there isn’t much need to involve people at this point. For now, if people want XYZ, they have to buy on the market now. The project has years of runway right now. A lot of people are really excited about what’s being built right now.

Q: What if we incentivize people to buy NFTs instead of buy?
A: Tyler talked a whole bunch about liquidity and it sounded smart. Tyler is GMI. But more seriously, don’t be John Travolta in pulp fiction when he walks into Mia’s house and doesn’t see her. The best thing everyone on this call can do is to list NFTs on the platform out of the gate. The trouble is that people don’t want to do that because they like what they own. But the key to success will be getting people to list. Outside of incentivizing, it will be huge to drive people to the platform. This is where the community can help. Relationships in the space will be huge here, too.

Q: How do we incentivize people to list?
A: “If you build a good enough platform, they will come.” Also, if the team thinks they need incentives later, they can add them. What’s clear in the answer given by the team is that they are committed to the long-term success of the project.

Trust is a big issue that keeps coming up. The goal is to have Universe be a trusted site, whereas no one seems to trust OpenSea. The team is confident that things are secure, the work is done, contracts are audited, it’s time to roll things out.


Can we do some Beta testing or is it best to wait for the launch? I have a few NFTs to list when we go live.