Community Marketing, Not Wen but How

Thread to aggregate community driven ideas on how to spread the word. Not wen. No finger pointing. Just how you are going about it. What is working. What isn’t. And what tools the community needs at their disposal (or in the marketplace — see Marketplace Features thread) to be more effective.

1. List on marketplace. Preferably within range of a genie/gem sweep. – Note discord suggestion to make universe logo more prominent on gem for brand awareness.

2. Forgo private sale and encourage buy/sell on marketplace. Negotiating a thingie sale right now. Largest barrier for me is ledger incompatibility. counterparty was willing to move to hot and list this time, but it’s already been a deal stopper for me.

3. Use universe emote to acknowledge others posting-universe listings in discord. Little doses of acknowledgemnt dopamine.

4. Hit the road, making pit stops at your neglected discord servers. Think about ways those projects could fit into your anchor projects and suggest collaborative ideas. Ask about ways a new marketplace could incentivize adoption beyond just an aidrop. Tease universe and invite them into discord to share their ideas. Plant seeds of possible sudo/nftT alternative.

5. Encourage your artist frens to stop using OS mint. Tell them about simple benefits of market alternatives, including universe.

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