Extend ERC20 Token Support to the Universe Marketplace

Let’s have a discussion on what ERC20’s the community would like to be able to use on the marketplace.

In my opinion, the no brainers here are as follows but would love to get everyone’s thoughts.

  • $APE
  • $ASTO
  • $SAND
  • $MANA
  • $AXIE

I think its smart to just put up a TON of tokens because it brings in their communities.



The more the better, i would love to see $PIXA on there as well as all the ones previously mentioned.


This is a good place to see a lot of these ones I mentioned as well as more potential ones we should add.

yes pixa would be dope

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we can only execute 10 at a time but we can do multiple votes


My top 10 (in no order)

$MVI index coins (picture below) and maybe even $MVI.

$ron (axie)
$banana (cyberkongz; mainnet and polygon)
$volt (supducks AND community artists; mainnet and polygon)
$oddx (genzee)
$lucha (luchadores.io; polygon)
$ghst (aavegotchi; mainnet and polygon)
$FOMO, $FUD, $KEK, $ALPHA (aavegotchi; polygon)
$PUT (particlon)
$snx (and other optimism frens)
$EXP (scholarz; mainnet)
$OHM and gOHM (cmon, plug into our back-end)
$RAIDER (cryptoraiders)
$ZUG (etherOrcs)
solarbots.io token current accumulating but in vesting contract until game launch. lot’s of whales there.
$MILK (cc)
$SPACE ? (teased by doods at some point)
$RWASTE (kaijukingz)
$THING ? (teased by thingdoms)

and others in this list:

and i suggest reaching out to scott kominers, who has been advising many NFT projects on tokenomics. very approachable. i can bridge the introduction, if needed. @skominers on twitter.

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i suggest some recon on which tokens can be used on OS, and from there which ones are actually being used on OS. those are perfect communities to target.

i have personally used:

$banana to make arbitraged buys v. eth; and

$volt to buy content of artists within the supducks ecosystem.

Love this. So a NFT Seller would be able to accept additional currencies for their NFT. Any regulatory concerns? I know Universe is a DAO, but having the protocol facilitating token sales might be worth exploring a bit further - at a bare minimum probably a thorough update to the T&C

3/3 i swear, but let’s be cognizant that this is an attack vector for the lazy. DAI symbol looks like ETH has gotten a lot of people. i think a rough ($conversion) would go a long way, but enter oracle risk i suppose.

I think they’re already actively traded tokens. They’re being utilized as currencies in this context.

4/3. i generally dont see a reason to accept anything other than tokens native to the chain, stables and equivs, or NFTs with tokens or tokens with NFT utility.

$LINK for example. what is the total addressable market for someone listing in $LINK. i would say irrelevant. and on the buy side, anyone with $LINK is certainly comfortable swapping to ETH or whatever on their own. so if we bloat up options, yes, we’re saving some users some steps but really with no benefit to the sellers’ listings we’re trying to attract.

i dont really see the benefit of adding options just for the sake of adding options. full circle back to market recon post above: which currencies other than ETH have volume on OS. that is where we should start. communities that are already used to and maybe prefer transacting in non-eth denominations. as a way to attract their listings.

…with one exception for wBTC, because what are we supposed to do with it anyways?