Forging our Brand/Identity while illuminating our competitive advantages

Hello Friends,

I have been an active member in the discord chats for awhile and have had a few community members reach out, recommending that I share my thoughts in a more channeled environment in hopes that I may add some value to the project. Full disclosure at the expense of my financial integrity, I am a large holder and won’t conceal the idea that I would love the token price to rise. With that being said, I do understand the implications of forcing a pump with ill-will/cheap gimmicks and would put my vote towards organic growth vs. satisfying investors short term (although there are ways that I think we all can win). I do believe there are some key “core value” type issues that can be addressed and am under the impression that it is up to both the team and community to instill these changes.

The Problems That I See

  1. WHO ARE WE (to everybody else)?

    Although I know what xyz is and what the team/community stands for identity/brand wise, it seems clear to me that nobody else does when they check us out, and they sure don’t pick up on it as fast as they should. The big fat elephant in the “why xyz?” room right now is OpenSea and everyone knows that. OpenSea has who they are right on the homepage, check for yourself “OpenSea is the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace” is what reads across the top. They state two facts about who they are, they get straight to the point and people immediately understand what they’re getting out of the interaction. They’re the first to market and they are now the largest, pretty simple, pretty boring and it really doesn’t get you excited but it does get the job done. We have a chance to be the marketplace that is chosen because of what makes us different, not because we’re the only option available. There’s no need to trash OS and why they suck, but focus more on Universe and why we’re great!! Comparisons are okay, but its better not to disturb the beast until we’re big enough to fight back! The team needs to dig into this identity crisis and start developing a set of values (if you have them, get them written down and out to the public) that are unquestionable and that resonate with a community looking for representation without expecting to give up a piece of their pie. We’ve made it clear that we want to make a marketplace for these artists, but we also need to preach what Universe is at its core as well.

    Is Universe the People’s marketplace? Is Universe the Artist’s marketplace? Is it both? You tell me and EVERYONE else too! (insert social media!)

  2. Where is our Presence?

    I know that this has been a topic in the Discord but we need to be more visible. If there’s one lesson to be learned from the rise social media influencers, its that content wins and a ton of content SELLS! We know that we have strong discord/telegram etc. groups, but does everybody else know that? This morning I was complaining about how in the midst of an extreme decline in token price, the Universe twitter account had not posted, retweeted or replied to anyone in 3 full days! That is us shooting ourselves in the foot and there are really no excuses for it. Post a photo of the devs working, gifs with crypto jokes, questions for the community, LITERALLY ANYTHING if there isn’t any hard project info to report. Have y’all taken notice to food chain twitter accounts lately? Making jokes, replying with crazy responses, ENGAGING the community. These are companies with the largest marketing budgets in the world and they still resort to twitter for engagement. By no means do I want us to act like this Best Tweets From Fast Food Twitter Accounts | but we need to be out there in the crypto community, people need to recognize our name and logo (we have a pretty badass one). If someone strolls by the account and sees literally no activity, there’s not much of a chance that we’re a project they’ll show some interest in. CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT

How Can We Implement the Fixes

I think the main hesitation to getting more content out there is that everybody is pushing the idea of “marketing” and not so much the idea of building up our brand/identity. They are very different things. I believe we need a series of structured releases circling around the core values of Universe with a clever integration of why our platform serves as a better solution to the competition. Pushing our competitive advantages in conjunction with our Identity will give us the foundation for a strong brand in the NFT world. I think its needs to happen on media other than just discord and telegram as well. We don’t need to reach people that are already in the Universe community and its our own responsibility to push it to our friends in other spaces. That activity shouldn’t replace the social outreach that every strong brand performs. I know we are still in the building phase but it might not matter if we don’t sell the vision. People need to buy into what we’re building, as we’re building it. There’s nothing wrong with having a concentrated and thought out tweet schedule to instill confidence and intrigue in our platform.

Things to Consider

  1. Pushing what Universe won’t do vs. what we will do

    This sounds counterintuitive but it is much easier to make promises pertaining to values and identity rather than product. Some great content that is easy to push out can be focused on what XYZ won’t ever do, vs. what we promise we will. As everyone knows, it is not only stressful to make promises regarding what a project will do, but it can also be damaging if we don’t deliver on time. There’s no timeline to worry about and no holes to be poked with his tactic. The easy example here would be “We won’t take unnecessary fees just because we can”. I’m sure we can get more creative than that but I hope you get the gist.

  2. There IS a difference between marketing and building up our brand. We should focus on selling the vision and who we are vs. selling the product right now. People are looking for reasons to ditch the competition and we can give it to them. We’ll let the team work and keep delivering and help lift ourselves up through grassroots social media and “marketing”. (EVERY RETWEET COUNTS!)

  3. Keep the faith and realize what you’re holding onto right now. The NFT space is huge but it is still growing at a ridiculous pace and we are positioned to benefit greatly. Walmart is the dominate name in the retail space, doubling sales over the next competitor and that competitor is none other than freaking AMAZON! Idk about y’all but that doesn’t sound bad to me. We don’t need to be Walmart, but we can be the Amazon (or any of the next 5 on the list), of this market!! HODL! • Chart: The World's Largest Retailers | Statista

Thanks for reading and take it easy on me! We all have the same goal in mind!


This is excellent feedback. Thank you for taking the time to write this Dean. It’s greatly appreciated.

I’ve seen you in the server :slightly_smiling_face:

This is extremely well written and thoughtful, great in-sights. Really conveys how much the author believes in UniverseXYZ

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Would be great to see more action on this…

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