Is anybody in there? Nod if you can hear me

[11:21 AM] GoonerFluff | Finding Seekers: damn what happened to universe price? didnt they release beta? people not happy?

[11:32 AM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: Not sure but in my experience, that price means buy more.

[11:33 AM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: It’s an eth coin, so eventually it will trend with eth again

[11:33 AM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: Someone prolly just dumped hard. Profit is profit

[11:34 AM] GoonerFluff | Finding Seekers: lol its slightly below the price i got in so im still happy with my bag there. but the sudden drop in price worries me a bit here. After seeing the beta when the actual marketplace is launched will people list there and trade there?

[11:35 AM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: The market place is live ser. It just doesn’t have all its features live yet

[11:36 AM] ankara111: Thnks so much for your confirmation Fluffle Fren!!

[11:37 AM] GoonerFluff | Finding Seekers: yeah i tried the beta version. lots of improvements needed still imo :slightly_smiling_face:

[11:37 AM] SpicyNips.eth🦜: Oh wow it is down pretty bad

[11:37 AM] SpicyNips.eth🦜: Seems like a great time to buy

[11:39 AM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: Agreed. And they know that. I’m still excited for the social media aspect of the marketplace. Will be very cool. But all in time.

[11:41 AM] GoonerFluff | Finding Seekers: yeah i agree about the social media marketplace aspect

[11:44 AM] marklar | Gob Stoppers: it was april 2nd to him

[11:46 AM] marklar | Gob Stoppers: some small sell pressure in to seekers followed by a pretty big dump during the last AMA, which i thought was funny. the front-end devs are damn near ready to coup, haha, but ty just said this morning they’re cleaning that up a bunch based on good early feedback: if you have any, there is a separate typeform. highly encourage.

[11:47 AM] GoonerFluff | Finding Seekers: oh i do have a few suggestions i could add is the suggestion channel in their discord the one?

[11:48 AM] marklar | Gob Stoppers: yup

[11:49 AM] stude0thegame: Which market place are we refering to Ser?

[11:49 AM] marklar | Gob Stoppers: there’s a lot of discussion on incetivization via paretos law, but no general consensus yet on best mechanism that’s not a pure ponzi. and we should wait until beta v2 is out so we can have another round of feedback from beta user point of view. little things like fixing ledger compatibility, which sounds resolved on mainnet, to making view more the 4-wide, etc.

[11:51 AM] marklar | Gob Stoppers:

[11:51 AM] stude0thegame: thanks

[12:16 PM] Ѳ𝓇: tokenomics are bad the inflation is to high and mostly benefits founders and frens + contributors.

I like the project but the team isn‘t exactly creating incentives for anyone to hold the token.

[12:18 PM] Ѳ𝓇: which is clearly visible in the chart you see short hype phases based on outside narrative capture followed by consistent sellofs with no outside demand

[12:19 PM] GoonerFluff | Finding Seekers: yeah the chart does give a scary looks and i think they will make incentive for holding the token interesting in the future (at least i hope thats the case)

[12:27 PM] Ѳ𝓇: it looks exactly how it was designed though. they have long vesting but with a lot of tokens and consistent block by block unlocks for them and the homies.

I think the wrong incentives are present from the start. The DAO first is a meme when you made sure that you control the vote.

I really think though that the team has the right intentions and think they are going to develop a solid product but while they are doing it there is a lot of competition and we‘ll see how much market share it can capture in the future.

I doubt that lower fees is enough even though it is a good reason to list there as long as aggregators become the most used front end to the market.

[12:33 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: at least when you buy an nft on the universe marketplace, the fees are going to a dao. unlike on opensea or looks.rare where the fees are centralized and going in te pockets of the small core team. and if you hold the token then you have a vote in what the universe platform does with those funds. unlinie opensea where you have zero say in the bad decisions they make.

[12:34 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: i dont think dao first is a meme either. asm is going to be a dao and fluf world will most likely follow in those footsteps as well

[12:36 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: the biggest problem i see with the vesting contracts in the universe tokenomics is that ppl just dump their tokens, whether they believe in the project or not. but eventually those contracts will expire. and imo the price of that token doesnt matter. you dont need to have xyz to use the platfom, only to participate in the governance

[12:36 PM] Ѳ𝓇: the dao is controlled by the core team there is no difference

[12:36 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: thats true too ser

[12:37 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: anyways this is the fluf discord. we should try to keep the convo to flufs

[12:37 PM] UltraM: Gm

[12:37 PM] Ѳ𝓇: sure

[12:39 PM] Ѳ𝓇: lets keep it to flufs you‘re right

[12:39 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: we should have a place in this discord to discuss marketplaces

[12:39 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: and universe is a partner of fluf world

[12:39 PM] Ѳ𝓇: i know i minted this thx to universe

[12:40 PM] UltraM: Nice

[12:40 PM] UltraM: Universe underrated

[12:40 PM] Ѳ𝓇: i‘m in that discord since pepe days - i support the project but i still have my criticism

[12:40 PM] stude0thegame: fwiw i think conversation about universes is absolutely relevant here

[12:41 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: looks.rare is a wash trade, ppl can literally trade nfts to themselves and earn rewards, and their founders are dumping all their profit. at last that isnt happening on universe. and yes some ppl with vesting contracts are dumping, but most of the xyz in circulation is in the universe dao. and looks.rare just forked the api from openseas backend. universe built its own

[12:41 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: they are currently trying to come up with some way to incentivize ppl to use the platform, but the fees are remarkably lower on universe. and also to cancel al isting is very very cheap

[12:42 PM] stude0thegame: appreciate your comments about universe and your constructive feedback about the project. only autocracies want 100% positive feedback. true frens are able to deliver criticism/constructive feedback w/ love and i interpret your comments here in that spirit

[12:42 PM] Ѳ𝓇: it‘s the most intelligent token ponzi out there for the founders and investors actually surprised nobody is copying it - they don‘t dump looks it‘s locked with no consistent unlocks they all got 10x or more in ETH from fees

[12:43 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: ya agreed and universe is still lacking a lot of features. and they are welcming the feedback and the criticism.

[12:44 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: no im saying the core team of looks.rare is dumping their profits from the platform. like when you trade on looks.rare the platform recieves fees. looksrare owners are liquidating all those fees and putting them in their bank accounts. and i donot think anyone wants to really be part of ponzi schemes ser

[12:45 PM] Ѳ𝓇: yes but thats not dumping on looks holders it‘s eth what they get and now you have the option to compound in looks which marketbuys looks with eth.

it‘s really intelligent and i don‘t hold any looks i thought it‘s done but it isn‘t

[12:46 PM] Ѳ𝓇: the wash trade argument is being full of regrets not having had that idea it‘s bias. who cares if it‘s wash trades.

[12:47 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: ya but if your lookinig for a quality project and not just an nft wash then looks.rare is not for you. if they have no treasury then what are they gonna do when problems arise, they have no capital if they dumped it all lol. and im sorry ser, but nothing you can say can convince me that wash trading is a good thing.

[12:47 PM] Ѳ𝓇: and it‘s slowly less profitable to wash trade which is why volume went down and now it‘s picking up mainly thanks to aggregator integration like gem

[12:48 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: universe is gong to have genie and gem integrations, and just wait until the universe team starts implementing metavesrse and social media aspects.

[12:48 PM] Ѳ𝓇: they have eth in their pockets and much more than XYZ or any other competitor except OS

[12:48 PM] Ѳ𝓇: it‘s integrated in gem already

[12:49 PM] Ѳ𝓇: i only tried to make a point that i think looks has a very intelligent token design which xyz doesn‘t.

[12:50 PM] Ѳ𝓇: which can change but right now it is what it is.

[12:51 PM] maxpoker247 | Dune Crew: The looksrare wash trading scheme was objectively brilliant

[12:51 PM] Ѳ𝓇: i get the discord and the poly airdrop trust me i would rather have it the other way around

[12:54 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: well i think long term xyz is the better play. asm tokennomics are more similar to xyz than looks.rare. there is vesting contracts in asm as well.

[12:54 PM] FLuffer Nutter | Joint Crew: but this is just my opinon and i appreciate the discussion @Ѳ𝓇

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this team and project is already too big to fail… just bringing to light the way universe is being portrayed to a 30K+ discord server of NFT users. If communication was better, the bs arguments about tokenomics and whatever fud you want - prevent sustainable adoption across defi and nft users. next priority should be getting big $$$ creators/artists to mint exclusively on universe. props if it was in preferred to them over another bc by the artists for the artists?

Thank you for posting this :pray:

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Thanks for sharing this. I think its good feedback in general just had to sift through it all.

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