Marketplace Features Request +

In order of personal preference.

0. Ledger compatibility. Trying to entice listings by saying in discord sales channels ‘will buy if listed on universe’, but reluctant to push that right now since 1-bad experience and we may lose person forever.

1. Feeless trades. Market sorely needs an alternative to the clunky, spoofable alternatives. Drive foot traffic and awareness. Risk: market sus on alternatives and are engrained with ‘any other option’ is a scam.

2. Compressed viewing. 4-wide is not enough; i’ve heard this feedback from others.

3a. User view / hide function. We all like peeping the resident whale when making decisions, and resident whales like privacy.

3b. User name. Option to port OS name. A lot of identities attached to OS user names, feedback loop into ease of portability / usability of 3a.

4. Floor Price Auto-Sort. Like OS, click on floor price box and get an auto-sort of low-to-high price.

5. Volume Trade. Like OS, click for summary of sales new-to-old. Probably better to wait on this one until more activity. Optics.

6. Reverse gem/genie floor information? Could we have a box for gem / genie floor? Like two little/less-prominent boxes within the floor-price box? I realize this may drive action away from the marketplace, but it’s also a way for participants to realize the market is not just OS/looks without directly giving links to competitors. I think communities of sub-community marketplaces that tap directly into our back-end would appreciate the visibility. Ask me tomorrow and maybe i think differently.

7. Bundles. Suggested by counter-party to thingies buy.

8. Collection information. An option for collections to import OS data, including description, socials, discord links, etc.

Is it accurate that each collection needs to input their own royalties on the marketplace? is this required on other marketplaces? if not, what is the difference here and is it actually a marketing oppurtunity in disguise? e.g., need to because not using OS API? although its presumably a simple step, i view pushing this back on the respect projects as a barrier to adoption.

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