NFT NYC Pre Party With Monstercat

On June 19 at Webster Hall in Manhattan, NY we will be sponsoring the Monstercat Pre NFT NYC Party. Last year Monstercat had Kaskade, Destructo, and Haywyre perform with art from Pak, Toomuchlag, Nessgraphics, and Jack Butcher. So you know they have some heavy hitters lined up for this one. This is a private event, with entry permissions granted to Polymorph and Lobby Lobster holders +++. The funds requested will be used to give Universe supporters an exclusive experience and to elevate the Universe branding during NFT NYC.


We are asking the DAO to approve transferring $100k USD from the xyzDAO to Monstercat amounting to roughly 35Ξ (@ $2,867).

xyzDAO: 0xa8047C2a86D5A188B0e15C3C10E2bc144cB272C2
Monstercat: 0xD894C509f900982BC25E7ee665449d9B8B208d8A


What: Monstercat’s Pre Party is a social experience featuring entertainment from world class visual and sonic artists.
When: June 19, 2022
Time: 8PM-12AM EST
Location: Webster Hall Manhattan
Capacity: 1,500 People
Event Entry: Polymorph and Lobby Lobster Holders
Why?: This is a great opportunity to spread awareness and elevate the Universe branding during the week of NFT NYC + Polymorph and Lobster holders are dope af and deserve a world class experience.


Would love to make it to this! I’ll see if I can swing it but I don’t think I can.

Good looks for putting this up early to garner feedback, awareness and sentiment :fire:

That is a lot of money. Have you outlined a proper ROI?

I am finding projects are spending lots of $$$ with no clear ROIs

How will you measure ROI what metrics are you using?

What do you expect to get out of this exposure?

It also seems like a lot of $$$ for one sponsorship, would it make more sense to spread out the sponsorship for more exposure as there will be a multitude of events during NFT NYC?

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Its a lot of money, but I will 100% if the DAO goes through with it

I think it’s smart to continue the partnerships we have already established and this is just a continuation. It’s gonna be really hard to spread out among a bunch of different sponsorships because there are minimums to how this works which would explode the capital needed to do something like that and I just don’t think we are there yet.

We have a good working relationship with Monstercat and personally I think we should move forward with this initiative.


this is something that every NFT project does and i think live events are important part of the crypto community experience, i like that we did the same think last year with the same people, should be a good time.

as for the ROI thing (which i cant really comment on) i think this is impossible to calculate when you think of the opportunity cost of not having the party and getting those interactions. IRL networking is a powerful tool that can help protocols and NFT projects alike attain ideas and resources that were not readily available before.

last year i thought lowkey this was kind of a waste of time (i didnt go), but now going to a few crypto events myself and seeing how much fun everyone had last year i think it is awesome for polymorphs and lobster holders & a really good way to reward our community who has stuck with us for a year :+1:


Last year I was first in line to vote for the event. I was unable to make it to the event due to (what I assume was) poor planning. All I know is the date was changed last minute.

100k$ seems like an ambiguous amount. Is this what Monstercat requested?

Also, I think that the possibility that the entire event could have a poor turn-out this year (in general) is something to consider. Very cool for the few people who can attend but not effective for the DAO overall. I would like to see someone say “I am here because I saw your product at the event”. Maybe it will work but I am really pessimistic about another party Especially if it is under the guise of Marketing.

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Totally get your concern ser. I am actually working with Monstercat on bringing the Universe brand some serious awareness, potentially not just at the pre party but in another NFT NYC gallery as well.


This is good news, friend. I am glad to see such pro-activity and would need to give the team some slack for last years event: with everything considered. They had: travel restrictions and such to work around as well as it being the first big event.

Look forward to watching this develop.

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well done fren! :eyes:

love to see it

What are the commitments on Monstercat side? For example, if there are featured artists, will they do a drop on universe? And so forth.

Should we consider expanding the event entry parameters to web3 frens or Pareto marketplace targets? fluf/asm, mfers, cryptoadz, chainrunners, doods, BAYC/MAYC – feel strongly fluf/asm should get some love as I dont think they have much big planned and it’s a natural landing spot for them.

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Pointless waste of money, OP and x2y2 and looks, GEM, genie, no other NFT marketplace would focus on this inefficient marketing.
Do you know what you are doing?

What do you feel the opportunity cost of not having the party is? To me it seems the team could attend the conference and do a lot of networking without spending 40eth on hosting a party.

Additionally, I have heard on previous calls that you guys have the connections and can push the marketing button whenever you need to, but you don’t feel its right to do so so early while the marketplace and protocol isn’t ready.

So it sounds like you largely already have the necessary connections to get the word out there.

Honestly it comes across like you primarily want a nice jolly, because there’s been nothing of substance to explain/justify the need for hosting a party

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