Proposal: Universe x ****** Present: NFT.NYC

Event Title: Universe x () Present: NFT.NYC
Produced by: (A world class production team)
Hosting Organization: Universe x (
Event Date: November 3rd, 2021
Venue: (A world class venue in NYC)
Attendees: Up to ~2200
$120-135K - Venue Hire
$25-35K - Food Service (1st Balcony Table Section)
$100K - Production (flexible)
$60K - Operational Expenses & Staffing
$110K - Talent Budget (Headline + support act)

= ~$400K total - $100k (Tim Kang / illestrater personal contribution)
= $300k budget proposal

Event Description:
(*********) proposes as special event to be held at (venue), one of NYC’s most iconic concert venues, at the close of NFT.NYC.
From 8pm - 12am (negotiable) on November 3rd, 2021, attendees (token-holders and VIP guests) will be treated to a performance from several leading Electronic music artists, a Salon viewing room for browsing NFT artwork on exhibition, and a chance for guests to mingle in the promenade. This event will serve as a final celebration of the crypto community as NFT.NYC wraps its final day, and herald Universe as an organization to watch within the industry.
This event will be closed to the public; only Polymorph token holders and VIP guests by personal invite will be able to join this exclusive evening driving intrigue.
Venue Setup:

  • GA Main Floor (up to 2000 theatre style)
  • VIP Tables on 1st Balcony (up to 230 seated)
  • NFT Gallery in 1st Balcony Salon
    The Experience:
  • With increased COVID-19 requirements, attendees will need to show proof of vaccination before being granted entry. Additional venue staffing is required due to these recent protocols.
  • Venue rental deposit isn’t refundable but can be applied to a future date in the event of COVID cancellations etc. The deposit % is traditionally 50%, but we can show flexibility on this through (production team)'s relationship with (venue)
  • Cash bars are available on the main floor, 1st balcony, and promenade.
  • Token holders and VIP table guests (ticket pricing undetermined) have optional access to the NFT gallery;
  • Production team and Venue are confidential until approved.

Signal Vote: Snapshot


I support this and will probably chip in to alleviate the DAO a little.


I think this is a great opportunity for Universe to come out with a BANG! to bring the community together and propagate the momentum that has been built so far… Even though I will no be attending due to geography, I will still support everyone’s ugly Polymorphic ass to charm everyone at NFT.NYC!

Keep it rolling!

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I support this. XYZ holder. Multi Poly Owner. NFT.NYC attendee. Let’s go.

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I think lobster owners should be able to come too!

That is a lot of money. Have you outlined a proper ROI?

I am finding projects are spending lots of $$$ with no clear ROIs

How will you measure ROI what metrics are you using?

What do you expect to get out of this exposure?

It also seems like a lot of $$$ for one sponsorship, would it make more sense to spread out the sponsorship for more exposure as there will be a multitude of events during NFT NYC?