Universe xyzAMA #11 Questions

With our 11th AMA coming up in a few hours, please use this to ask any questions you have.

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@JDBuffalo : 1. What specifically are the dev team’s priorities right now in terms of functionalities and fixes? What is the timeframe to roll these out? If that’s not completely clear, are we talking 1-2 weeks? 1-2 months?

Which members of the team are directly involved in development, and which are not? What are the non-dev guys focusing their efforts on at the moment?

There has been a lot of talk about tokenomics. Is there a serious thought amongst the team to re-work the tokenomics? If so, are there contributors (from the website) you feel comfortable reaching out to in order to help?

What is the current strategy for a more complete roll out when the marketplace gets there? If that’s when we can expect more of a marketing push, where does that marketing effort stand today? Maybe stayed another way, what is that strategy going to be? I don’t think there is any reason to wait for the marketplace to develop that strategy, and frankly I think that’s probably the wrong way to do it.

Would there be value to developing a roadmap for the project in relatively short order to provide transparency and clarity to the community and market? What is the current thinking around a drop?

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@marklar : finders fees in the short-term. .

medium to long-term, i think aggregators have an edge over any individual marketplace as meaningful liquidity is being drawn away from OS, much like we saw with DEXes. in that space, we saw aggregators start to gain traction around this point in DeFi market cycle, and we’re seeing it again here with gem/genie. some tried to bootstrap with their own liquidity (1inch), but for the most part i dont think that’s gone well.

whoever solves fragmentation wins the buy side, and thus wins foot-traffic. i think the best sell-side model to emulate is cowswap, who aggregates aggregators and discrete DEXes. and i dont think anyone has better tech than us to offer the best cowswap’esque product. doesnt solve listings, however. and that should be the first short-term priority.


I don’t think we should do a big marketing push (incentives) till the marketplace is fully fleshed out, so we don’t bring in users that probably won’t stay because we don’t have the better product, yet.

What I am wondering is, from the point of view of the dev team, what is needed to be achieved to reach that place where you can tell yourself, alright we are ready to open the flood gates?

What are the main features you believe are ESSENTIAL for the marketplace to be considered as “fully fleshed out” or ready to be considered out of beta? Will you wait till the scrapper did all the scrappooooring necessary before even considering a marketing/incentives push? How far away are we from all of that?