Universe xyzAMA Questions

For our Universe discord AMA’s moving forward, I think forum is a great way to keep a comprehensive flow of communication and allows us to keep conversations around specific topics organized in threads.

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I definitely agree with this.

It would also help us when referencing previous AMAs. It will help with clutter in the Discord server.

Hey guys. Not sure the best way to ask this but I’m interested in what the team has learned from some of the back and forth lately on the discord and how things might get done differently (or not) moving forward from a communication standpoint. For all the bullshit, that’s what really seems to be at the heart of a lot of the issues—communication.

I’m also curious about how you think about the volatility we have seen in the token price. I’m significantly less worried about NGU than I am about what it could mean for people’s willingness to use the platform. It seems to me that rather than usage driving price, price can drive usage of marketplaces. Maybe this is way off but it’s definitely something I’ve thought a lot about.

Thanks guys, as always, appreciate the effort.

Can we work with gem to make universe brand more prominent in the listings? OS and Looks pop, universe fades into the bg. Same goes for genie wen integrated.

Thoughts on two product updates/changes, what do you guys think?

1. Contract Checked Checkbox before Checkout (cwutididthar)

I suggested this over discord but would love to hear a slightly longer form answer. Since contract verification has been a hot topic, and we don’t want to make it a centralized point of governance (for verifying/check marking contracts), how about having a pop up before purchases that essentially makes them verify “I have checked the contracts”, in addition, it can provide a backlink to a video on how check contracts. Great method for education + community protec + legally protec Devs/DAO.

2. Premium Priority Payments for Projects (weakaf)

As a staunch user of Ebay + eCommerce stuff over the last 20 years, I think it would be interesting to come up with a sort of “Premium/Priority” listing function - this would be most similar to Ebay “Premium” listings.

It essentially can give a bonus position / coloring / shading on the UI for projects.

This would bring in an additional revenue source for the DAO, outside of just trading fees. General crypto advertising CPM’s are incredibly high and if we can somehow manage downsides (fraud risks…etc), this could be a real revenue driver.

Right now there is too much supply and almost no demand and utility for the token. Saying that this is a governance token is not an option anymore if xyz token has to survive. Request the team to consider this seriously instead of pretending that price is not important.