WGMI Integration Opportunity

Touches on WGMI reliance on OS API and needing to move away from that. Kevin passingly mentioned scrapors in the context of punks, but no specific one.

The team should reach out to WGMI and have them consider our back-end as a tool. Especially as liquidty moves away from OS. Feels like a synergystic brand exercise to have ‘Powered by Universe’ there and a clickable WGMI powered data anlaytics tool here. Like a profile tab for WGMI data on our mafrketplace, Good, simple differentiator to drive traffic to both sites.


Are they working on a tool that does this or they need one?

Late reply. I got the sense they were in the early stages of developing their own scraper of sorts / moving towards getting information directly from the chain (@ 20m), but also talked about other tools that can be used.

Later he talked about talking with Gem and sharing ideas. Get the sense they’re very open to collabs.