Will Universe by Mobile Friendly?

Hi, I’ve asked a couple times in the Discord but not had a response before.

Will the marketplace be mobile friendly from the start?

I ask because I remember the Sharded Minds EnterDAO NFT minting wasn’t mobile friendly, and also the staking on Universes website I don’t think is mobile friendly, but I think it will be important to have this for user adoption.


Even if it isn’t at first, it seems like the team is committed to providing a clear path to presenting people an outlet to request this and for the DAO to express support or decide not to. At that point it is a community decision.

I dunno, something like being mobile friendly I don’t think should require a DAO vote, it should be part of the general marketplace release workstream. In this day and age, mobile option just has to be there. There won’t be mass adoption, or even “mass nft people” adoption if you can’t connect and make transactions from a phone.