Yay or Nay to Marketplace Sign-In Signature

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I am nay. Every DM I’ve had begins with ‘why signature’ or otherwise involves signature problems.

This is a large barrier to early adoption. Folks cant be bothered to save money by not listing on OS. If you get them as far as the marketplace but then require a signature, you’re gonna have a bad time.

I dont have to log-in to browse amazon. But i do to buy. Should be no different here.

Heck, I dont even need money to browse amazon. What if a normie user comes along to browse NFTs but cant because they havent gone so far to set up MM?

I need to clarify this once again so that it’s understood as to why a signature is requested.

  • It’s not unsafe — in fact a signature request is safer than an on chain transaction
  • Signatures cannot give permissions to smart contracts which require a change of state

I do agree with not needing to sign in to view the marketplace. The current state, where you are prompted to sign a request the moment you land on the page should be adjusted.

Totally agree with reducing friction and not requiring people to sign in until they want to use the marketplace functions or change data associated with their address.

Signatures are prevalent in the space wherever an application / website needs to determine the owner of a private key. We cannot remove this, OpenSea has this same functionality and it resets every 24 hours.

The next time you adjust profile settings on OpenSea or attempt to do anything ‘new’ after 24 hours, you’ll be asked to sign a signature request to ensure the right person has possession of an address and can enact changes to the front end.

Very good. I’ll close the poll as my concerns are alleviated, but will otherwise leave the post-up for documentation.

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Totally agree! Leaving the post for posterity :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: